TRINA TAYLOR: Natural High

Why Trina?

She's got the X-Factor, this indefinable determination. She will make it; it's just a matter of when.


She's got talent, a big heart and a lot of soul. She?s not afraid to make herself vulnerable if it means becoming a stronger artist.


 Bobby Taylor (Songwriter)


"She has the type of originality I saw in 1968; THAT type of talent."


"When I first heard Dylan, I listened to how he was singing and what he was singing, it blew me away. That?s how I feel about Trina. When you find someone original like that, you cannot pigeon hole her."


- Duane Hitchings (Songwriter, Grammy Winner),


It was quick, if you're a natural it just comes, it was there, she just needed someone to bring it out


I liked the material, the way she wrote, and the way she performed on stage. Her performance is very natural. She's got the performance, the looks, and the song.


- Tony Novarro (songwriter/guitarist)


"Trina Taylor isn't just passionate about music - she knows the effort and sacrifice that are required, and she's not going to back down. She is extremely hard-working, dedicated, and will do everything necessary to ensure success."


-Gregg (The Jam NYC co-owner)


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